How to change Mouse pointer and cursor size, color & scheme on Windows 10

How to change Mouse pointer and cursor size, color & scheme on Windows 10

The mouse pointer and cursor in Windows 10 are very important aspects of the operating system. This can be said for other operating systems as well, so in truth, they are not unique to Windows. Many users of the popular operating system may have no idea of some of the customization can perform on the mouse pointer and the cursor. If you're someone who is sick and tired of looking at the same old thing every day, then continue reading.

OK, so the mouse pointer and cursor are basic and doesn't require change. However, a few things can be altered where these tools are concerned. You see, folks can change the size of the pointer, and the color of the cursor if they so wish. You'll likely won't do this, of course, but should the need ever arise, then after reading this article, you will have the knowledge and the know-how to complete the task.

Increase mouse pointer size & change cursor color

1] Change the default size of the mouse pointer

In order to change the mouse pointer size, please fire up the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I. Navigate to the option that says Ease of Access, then select Cursor and Pointer from the list of features.

Go the section that says Change pointer size and color, and move the slider up or down to change the size to your liking. Make it Solid Black if you feel!

2] Change the mouse pointer default color

Again, one needs to open the Settings app, then navigate to Ease of Access. From there, click on Cursor and Pointer, the move along down to Change Pointer Color. From here, the user can change the color to whatever they want with relative ease.

Users can even use a custom color to truly make things the way they want. Its quite impressive, and we suspect many will take the time out to give this a spin very soon.

Sadly, Microsoft hasn't spoken much about these options, but that's why we're here. Here to set you free where Windows 10 is concerned, at least.

3] Change the mouse pointer scheme

This is where thongs get a little bit interesting and more designed for the advanced user. With this option, the user can change the scheme of the mouse pointer, a feature that has been around long before Windows 10.

To do this, click the search box then type Mouse Properties. Fire up the app, and from there, select the tab that says Pointers. After that, hit the drop-down menu and select the preferred scheme.

Folks can also customize the pointer icon, which again, is nothing new.

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