How to change Left & Right mouse buttons on Windows 10 PC

How to change Left & Right mouse buttons on Windows 10 PC

It's quite a norm that all computer mouse devices are ergonomically designed for right-handed users. But there are mouse devices available which are specially designed for the left-handed populace or the ones which can be used by either hand. Before you start looking for such devices, did you try configuring your mouse to work with the hand of your choice? You can switch mouse buttons - left to right in a few simple steps.

Change Left & Right mouse buttons

By default, a mouse device is configured to be right-handed, with its primary button on the left and secondary on the right. The primary button is used for functions like selecting and dragging. You can make your mouse left-handed by swapping its predefined functionality. Follow these steps:

Using Control Panel

1] Go to the Start Menu

2] Search for Control Panel

3] Once you are on the Control Panel, hit Hardware and Sound

4] Under Device and Printers click on Mouse

5] In the Mouse Properties window, check the Switch primary and secondary buttons box.

6] Click 'OK' to save changes.

Done, now your primary select button on your mouse device is your right button, and the secondary button (commonly referred to as right-click) is the left button.

Read: Windows Pointers & Mouse Settings for left-handed people.

Using Windows 10 Settings

There's another quick way to switch mouse configuration on Windows 10, here you can directly hop into your mouse settings. Follow these steps:

1] Right-click the 'Windows' icon and select 'Search'

2] Type 'mouse' and select 'Mouse Settings' from the search results

3] Under the 'Select your primary button' drop-down, select 'Right'


The world around us is very right-centric, and everything from pencils to computer devices expects you to use your right hand.

This trick will surely help you turn your mouse functionality around.

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